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Above the Clouds


Cloud like textures with real pearl in every shade

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Dream like Textures


Exquisite and luxurious, Perline is an elegant finish with a subtle sparkle or shimmer, creating visual texture and directional effect. With a low sheen, the intriguing surface is full of movement and tonal interest. The finish is dependant on the hand of the applicator, creating a unique and visually striking wall coating at close quarters, yet subtle when viewed from a distance.


Why choose ARRCOAT? 


As mentioned time and again, the ethos at ARRCOAT is to continually transcend with time and technology. Convention perlata caters to a limited compartment of designs. Not adhering to which may result in patches on the walls and it becomes especially difficult for beginner applicators. With Perline we hope to discontinue the trend of unilateral design compulsion and introducing varied styles of multi-directional flow in regards to the double tone effect that Perline gifts to the wall.


Shift to ARRCOAT to see the difference yourself. Have an easy time procuring it, a reliable after sales service like never before and a product that will last you a lifetime. 

Interior Grade

01 Product Documentation

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Perline Catalogue

Find all our colours, shades and tones in this file. Download to find colour code.

Safety Data Sheet

Click the link below to find our Safety Data Sheet and be fully assured of our quality.

Safety Data Sheet

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