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The year ARRCOAT Surface Textures, India’s 1st Premium texture company was founded, and found it's own category of Decorative Plasters. The necessity of the product arose from a lack of Indian origin products which are sustainable and high quality.

What is Decorative Plaster

The Benefits and Make

All our products are concoctions of various types of Marble and Limestones. These cover all types of textures, with great flexibility and fluidity in its heaviness, gloss, thickness and shine. You can now direct your walls to look exactly the way you envision. Our range of products give you the longest life amongst all other surface decor products as well as the most functionality driven benefits. 

Mission & Vision

The brand aims to provide superior quality international decorative surface finishes at an affordable price. The ingenuity of this product lies in its ability to churn out newer finishes as per any design requirement. Along with the traditional finishes like Concrete, Travertino, Ragged, Smoothe, Pitteed, the material allows you to go further and come out with modern and fresh designs. And with this we want to put the Indian Plasters on the world stage.

It is a BRAND NEW Product Category in the world of Surface Decor. This range of products is the answer to the long standing demand of architects for a sustainable alternative in the surface decor industry. Now  replace your chemically derived paints, and heavy materials like Stone/Marble or Tiles with a sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Health-Safe product range of Decorative Plasters. And the best part? You can achieve ANY finish, in ANY color, in ANY pattern of YOUR choice. With ARRCOAT, you don't have to compromise on designs.

Made in India!

Also, ARRCOAT is 100% sourced and manufactured in India making it India’s homegrown Jewel to the World. One of the biggest manufacturers of Marble in the world, Indian Marble is known for its long life and high lustre. Which is what makes ARRCOAT's products extremely consistent and stable as compared to it's international equivalents.  


02 Product Portfolio

A simple process of introducing you to our various finishes with sample size photographs of our products. Our website will host newer samples every week with the focus on introducing broader concepts of application. This part will also help you with the nomenclature of our products so you can manoeuvre your knowledge accordingly. We want to introduce you to concepts that our products specialise in and help you get the perfect decorative plaster for your surfaces. 

  • Find the fit, get the product.

  • Any colour, tone or shade.

  • Control the heaviness, shine, reflection and gloss.