A Visual Storeroom for your indulgence

It's fairly easy to get confused when you're presented with so many finishes and we understand that. We want to make your process of selecting a finish for your walls as easy as possible, So here is a gallery for you to understand the differences that YOU CAN command on ANY of our finishes.  

Now Browse from the largest collection of walls & surface finishes in India through Finish name and code. If you have suggestion for any colour combination - Let us know!

Now Get 

Any Colour

Any Design




Flakes & Chips


Venetian & Pearlasto

Now that you have a fair idea of all the different types of textures we can come up with, now it's up to you to tell us how you like your walls or surfaces. 

Pick your favourite colour and start consulting us now with the type of texture you require, you're the master of your own choice. Decide the heaviness of the texture, control its flow, its really simple. 

Get in touch.