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Come help us build a community of Environmentally-Safe products

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The future of architecture is depended heavily on sustainability. For a while now, the community of Architects and Builders has been shifting to environmentally safe alternatives and products and this trend is here to stay. The indication of this is seen with the increase in popularity of Polished Plaster. A shift from acrylic based material to Polished Plaster has become a common theme in majority of the big contracting companies. The last 10 years has seen an incline in the rise in demand for products that are bio-degradable and non-toxic, and ARRCOAT's Polished Plaster (as proven) is both natural and contains 0 VOC.

Site picture from Gurugram corporate office - Concrete finish using Polished Plaster

Polished Plaster is a flexible material which can give you a a wide variety of designs, from the very traditional concrete, to travertino, smoothe, ragged etc to the more creative and artistic collections such as Mughle-Azam, gold/silver flakes, cloudy. Now you can add a layer of lime wash or colour wash and achieve a whole new finish.

Is it as easy to apply as acrylic based products?

Yes, any applicator is just a week's training away from learning how to apply polished plaster. More over we will soon be releasing videos on the topic of newer finishes and how to achieve them. They will on YouTube and on the website. A complete 'How-to" series on all our finishes.

Is it expensive?

Not at all! It's cheaper and affordable to most Indian households. We sell only to our verified dealers and distributors. So get in touch and get yourself a team of applicators and start using ARRCOAT.

Benefits of shifting to ARRCOAT

  1. High Demand

  2. Flexibility in design

  3. Affordable and higher margins for contractors

  4. Easy application

  5. Easier marketing avenues

Come and talk to us, and we shall walk you through the process of becoming an ARRCOAT dealer.

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